Clicking sound with Mac recording

I’m new to audacity and have been trying to use it with an audio-technica mic and a Mac to record guided meditations that range from 15 to 45 minutes. When I playback the recordings, there are unexpected patches with clicking sounds the occur with my voice. I can’t figure out how to prevent these or get rid of them after they have occurred. I saw the help topic about changing the buffering, but when I go to “preferences: recording” I don’t see anything that says “buffering.” Maybe it’s obvious to someone with experience, but I’m a novice. Is there something I can do that will ensure no clicking sounds at the end of my recording? And, is there an easy way to eliminate the clicking once it’s happened? Your feedback is welcome and much appreciated.

Which version of Audacity are you using? In the latest version, the setting is called “Buffer length” and is under Devices Preferences.

Please see also this FAQ

– Bill

Thanks a lot, Bill. I’m using 2.2.0. I was able to find the buffer length where you suggested, and I brought it down to 0, but the clicking is still there. Do you have any other suggestions or do I need to scrap this? For my next recording, do you know what I can do to prevent the clicking? I’ve tried several times and each time, I’ve gotten this type of result (which I can’t use). Thanks again for your help!