Clicking sound removal

I’m very new to all forms of sound editing, and I just installed Audacity 2.1.0 on Windows 10. I’m editing some performance tracks that were given to me, attempting to clean up the sound quality. Most of these tracks have a strange clicking noise that occurs only while music is playing, and thus I can’t isolate it for the noise reduction effect. Click removal has also had no effect. As I played around with the sensitivity, it would distort the music but still not remove the clicking. It is an incredibly annoying sound, and I would really like to remove it, but nothing I’ve tried has had any effect. Any help will be much appreciated, but please remember I am new and mostly ignorant! Layman’s terms, please.

You probably don’t.

Once a performance has been mixed down to a single sound file, whatever is there is burned in forever. There are some exceptions. For example if you have loud popping or clicking as from a dirty vinyl transfer, there are tools to help with that. Some of the better ones are paid software.
Steps 9 and 10.

But quiet clicking is indistinguishable from the instruments in the orchestra and we can’t take a mixed show apart into individual instruments or voices.


Then you did not get it from us. Our site, which is the only site guaranteed to have the current Audacity release, is

The current release is 2.1.2.

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If you can [u]post a short sample[/u] maybe we can give you some suggestions, or maybe we’ll tell you there’s nothing you can do…

Here’s a short sample, but it sounds like this isn’t something that can be fixed. Thanks for the help anyway, everyone.

Flipping sound not apparently a result of overload and only there when the music exceeds a certain volume. It is periodic, not that it helps at all.


Having the distortion only there during musical notes just kills the normal tools. I got nothing.