Clicking Sound on Multiple Tracks


I am using windows XP Pro, 32bit, Service Pack 3. Audacity Version 2.0.6-alpha compiled with ASIO Support. I followed the instruction to manually compile ASIO Streaming within audacity.

My computer is Win XP, Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2.8Gb, 4Gb Ram.

Audio Interface is MOTU 2408 Mk1 to PCI 324 interface card.

I am recording 24 channels at 48k via the 3 optical ADAT connections on the back on the 2408. I have found that there is a clicking noise or sound across all of the tracks at about -40db in the mixer meter. I can select a track that did not have an input, normalize and see the noise, sound, disturbance. I have also noticed that there is a small delay in the sound from track to track.

I have attached a file with the sound I get. hopefully someone will know what this is and have some idea how I can get rid of it.

Thanks you all in advance.


I have also noticed that there is a small delay in the sound from track to track.

That and the clicking I believe means something in the system is not keeping up.

24 channels at 48K sampling is a lot of real-time data.

Can you make it worse? That may seem counterproductive, but if you go to 32 channels and the system collapses, that means you now know where the system speed or capacity limits are.


Also XP is obsolete and unsupported by Microsoft so you are at continual risk from new viruses. Make sure at least that you have a good anti-virus program.

How much RAM and CPU do you have left when you are recording 24 tracks?


I can record less than 24 tracks, however 24 tracks is the most available that I can choose to record with my current hardware i/o setup. I have tried lowering the sampling rate but that brings other issues due to the input signal is 48k.

The system has 4 Gb of RAM and 2 Gb available during recording. CPU usage is running around 60% with peaks of 80% when the OS has a task to do.

Thank you for your concern about using XP. This computer is used just for recording, playback and a rough mix of the tracks. It is not “online” or attached to a network. File transfers are all done using USB or Firewire interface. Media is scanned on another computer WIn 8.1 or OSX Mavericks prior to use.

I have ordered a new hard drive and I am hoping that recording to it and not the system drive will eliminate the issue.

I shall post any changes.

Thanks again all!