Clicking Noises in Recording.

On Windows 10, using Audacity 2.12

I’m getting clicking noises on all my recordings between 3 and 7 seconds into the recording. You can
see for yourself, check out the link.

Thanks for the info and sound sample.

Audacity has buffer settings you can change. See if that helps. Fortunately, the error happens five seconds in. Is it still there if you record 10 seconds and immediately stop?

I know it’s almost a standing joke, but when was the last time you restarted your machine—from off, not just put to sleep. Make sure your Snowball is connected and stable before you run Audacity.



Thanks for helping me out.

I changed the bit rate and quality and nothing helped out. I still hear clicks on 3-7 seconds.
BTW I’m running Audcity on my SSD so I should not be having any writing issue as suggested
in the forum. I don’t have any programs running but Audactiy and I still get them.

I reastart my computer every day :smiley:
Yes my mic is plugged in before I start up audacity.

Do you use “Restart” or “Shut Down”? If you use Shut Down, you should hold SHIFT while doing that to give yourself a “cold boot” with a new kernel session.

Did you try increasing “Audio to buffer” above 100 milliseconds in Recording Preferences?

I don’t know what bit rate you mean, but try setting Default Sample Format in Quality Preferences to 44100 Hz. What is the make and model number of the mic and how does it connect to the computer? If it connects via USB or through a mixer you may need to choose some other sample rate according to what the “native” rate of the mic or mixer is.

Also there is no Audacity 2.12. If that was not a typo, get 2.1.2 from us here