Clicking Noise

I am a casual user of Audacity - I use it to record myself playing classical guitar, using whatever soundcard came on my computer (Gateway desktop) and the cheap little microphone that came with the computer/display. The first couple of times I recorded, I could hear the ceiling fan but was able to successfully remove it using Noise Removal.
Recently, in a recording I could hear a distinct clicking noise. I initially assumed it was the ceiling fan and tried the noise removal but with no success. I made another recording last night with the ceiling fan off and can still hear the clicking noise. It sounds like a click track, but I don’t use click tracks.

Appreciate any help in identifying solution.

hi there,

could be hard drive noise

Audacity writes to disk roughly every 6 or 12 seconds, depending on your settings. If you hear a funny noise in the background that’s relatively consistent every 6 - 12 seconds, it means that your soundcard is picking up the noise from your hard drive. See Improving recording quality, because you’ll probably need to find a better driver or update your hardware

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Thanks for the reply. The clicking is about 5-6 times per second. It could still be sound card/other hardware related.

i only started using audacity today. wow, what a cool tool! i am not using audacity to record my tracks. i use a boss br-600 digital multi-track device. i have been playing around with a few of my “rough mix” tracks and i also got the click sound. but it only happened when i changed the speed of the track. so far anyway. like i said, i am new but that did create a click on my vista loaded laptop.