Clicking noise when recording

I am new to Audacity and this is my first attempt at using it. All the possible settings are a bit daunting, but I have followed the instructions in the tutorials and thought they were correct. However when I am recording from a cassette player to Audacity I get a clicking noise through the recording.
I am attaching a screen shot of the settings that are visible and wonder if anyone can assist me.
I look forward to a reply.

Capture 1 Audacity.PNG

Further to my previous post -for some unknown reason when I tried again the problem did not exist.

There are many things that can cause clicky play and/or clicky recording.
Clicks will occur if the computer is unable to keep up with the audio stream “for any reason”.

That’s probably a good clue.

A common reason for the computer failing to keep up with the audio is simply that the computer is busy doing something else - such as updating or checking for updates. For this reason, it is highly recommended to ensure that Windows, ant-virus, and all other apps are kept up to date at all times, and automatic maintenance tasks are scheduled for times when the computer is switched on but not in use.

There’s an article here about how to manage the Windows maintenance schedule (but don’t disable it unless you are sufficiently obsessive to run the tasks manually on a regular basis):

If you tend to leave your computer switched on for days on end, I would highly recommend rebooting at least once a day.