Clicking noise between tracks

This might be a silly question, and not belong here at all, but I was wondering if someone could at least offer me advice.

When I’m doing voice recordings, I typically break up larger text segments into individual tracks. However, sometimes there is a clicking between my tracks. I don’t really know how to account for this, but it makes it incredibly evident that I have recorded these individual segments.

I might need to make some adjustments to my overall workflow, but can anyone help me eliminate these clicks and ensure smooth audio transitioning along all my tracks?

I’m guessing this could be related to your setup. What are you using as microphone, audio interface, mixer etc?

I’m just using a Tascam handheld recorder. Normally I’ll just hit record, speak, and then hit it again and repeat the process. I’ll import all of those files then into Audacity, and for the most part of there is a long length of trailing silence I’ll clip that off. Nothing really matches up well though.

Do you record in the same settings?

Not only the same room, but also the same distance to the mic, the same orientation of the recorder…

And which model of Tascam recorder are you using, with which settings, which mic(s)?