Clicking/Distortion/Echo/Skipping at 31' mark

Mac OS X 10.11.6.
Recorded file using Audacity 2.1.1 but have since upgraded to Audacity 2.3.0.
Recorded using a CAD U37 mic via USB.

During playback, around the 31’ and the hour mark, a weird clicking/distortion/skipping starts to happen and progressively gets worse into an echo. This lasts for about ten minutes before returning to normal. This issue has occurred on 2 separate occasions recording on 2 separate files and times. This problem doesn’t seem to happen when I use my Audio Technica ATR2100 mic. Attached is a sample of when it’s probably at its worst and everything is incoherent.

I’ve checked other forums and it sounds like it could be the fact that my computer can’t keep up w/ the recording? Moving forward I’ll have to record in chunks but trying to see if anyone knows how to clean up the audio now (have tried things such as Reverb/Paulstretch to no avail) as I don’t have the option to re-record. Thanks!

I can’t see any way of cleaning that up.

Right-click on the Audacity icon in the Finder and select “Get Info”. In the Get Info window, check the option “Prevent App Nap” then close the Get Info Window.

Start Audacity and make a non-critical recording, say with the microphone in front the TV or something. Let it go for an hour. Listen back and see if it is better.

– Bill


Thanks for the reply. Fortunately it’s only 10 min. of an hour long epi…unfortunately the content was actually good. :frowning:

Will keep in mind for next time!