Click track with mogg

Hello Folks…any help greatly appreciated…I am trying to incorporate a click track into a mogg files that I import into Audacity. I see how to create the click track, but I am wondering if most mogg files that you guys have worked with if the spedd of the tracks are at a consistent bpm. lets say for example (mogg files from guitar hero)
I am having a heck of a time accomplishing this? any help greatly appreciated

Can you explain more what you are trying to do. Are you trying to mix a click track with the files?

Is the problem that the files are not at a constant BPM? Are they getting faster or slower gradually?


Hello any detail or step by step instruction would be greatly appreciated .

I am trying to add a click track to a mogg file.

The tempo of the song is not consistent and drifts. I have only just heard of a procedure called tempo mapping in which you tap out the song the move pieces of the song to match the click. This is a procedure in Reaper which I have never used.

Does Audacity support a simple way of tempo mapping ? and if there is a step by step youtube tutorial or if you can explain how to do it would be forever appreciated


Yes Gale that is exactly correct. The BPM drifts. And I have heard there is a way to match a click to this somehow but I am at a loos on how to do it

I’ve merged your other topic with this one as it is essentially the same question.

Audacity does not have tempo mapping, though there are some plug-ins that can attempt to detect beats and tempo. Those plug-ins tend to work best with music that has a strong beat.

Creating a click track to an irregular beat is tricky, even with programs that have tempo mapping and beat detection built in.

Tempo maps are generally used the other way round. You start with some music that has strict tempo, then use a tempo map to shift the tempo. Some programs (not Audacity) can attempt to pick out the rhythm/tempo from one track and apply it to another track. I’ve not done that sort of thing for a few years, so technology may have moved on, but I always found that process to be rather hit and miss. It would work reasonably well if the two tracks were very similar and both had strong beats, but more difficult material would often fail miserably.

We may be able to be more helpful if you tell us a bit more about this project. What type of music is it? Does it have a strong beat? Why do you want to add a click track?

Thank you for the quick response.

We are a band and I use tracks for keyboards etc.

lets say I have a mogg of a song. they never played the song to a click track and thus the tempo fluctuates. What I do is import the mogg which separates all of the instruments.
I now want to add a click track to this song. Once that is done I move the click to the left channel and music to the right channel. I then delete all other instruments I don’t need.

I will now have the keyboards going in time to a click.

The click is used for the drummer to keep time so we can now play to the music track

I hope that makes sense

Thank you again

Is the tempo supposed to fluctuate, or is that just because (dare I say) ‘someone’ can’t hold a steady tempo?

If the former, then I think that the best way would be to create a click track manually - in fact, the best person for that job would probably be the drummer.

If the latter, then you may do better to just work out the average tempo (count the beats, then divide by the duration in seconds, then multiply by 60 for bpm), then generate a regular click track at that tempo.