Click Track modification

When using “Generate > Click Track”, the progress bar does not indicate the progress.

I have made a modification to the Click Track plug-in so that the progress bar is supported.

I would appreciate it if you could test this new version and post some feedback. (Audacity 1.3.x only)

To install, download the attached file and extract the contents (clicktrack2.ny) into your Audacity Plug-ins Folder.
Restart Audacity and it will appear in the Generate menu, listed as “Click Track v2.0…”

One thing that I have noticed is that it appears to be slower than the original - I would be particularly interested to hear how it compares on other peoples computers. (3.54 KB)


I initially thought my system was doing the opposite of yours, i.e. that your version was faster, but the more I tested the less repeatable the results were. Both versions took between 21 and 23 seconds to generate 1000 bars with the other settings at default, but neither version was consistently faster than the other.

I did think that the Elapsed Time displayed on your version was further behind real time than the original (i.e. displaying the time up to a second late, while the original was either correct or up to a half-second late), but my eyes began to get tired trying to look at the screen and the stopwatch at the same time. Anyway, what’s a couple of seconds either way? It’s enough to see the progress bar working.

This was running 1.3.10 on a Dell Latitude Laptop with XP.


Thanks for the feedback Irish, I suspect that it is just something a bit weird on my system that makes it slow but it would be nice to get a few more reports from other people just to be sure. :wink:

32 - 38 seconds to create 1000 bars of ping at 120 bpm. Time remaining always shows 0:00. Progress bar is at maximum the whole time.
ClickTrack v2
48 - 50 seconds. Time remaining is constantly updated. Progress bar fills as expected.
– Bill

Thanks Bill,
That’s very similar to what I’m getting.

It seems an inordinate overhead just to draw the progress bar and makes me wonder if it is worthwhile.
What seems strange is that with the progress bar working, the CPU activity is lower than when the the progress bar is not enabled, which makes me think there is some bottleneck in Audacity which could also be part of the reason for to slow performance of Nyquist in recent versions of Audacity.

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