Click track gets recorded to every track

First of all I hope that you will post answers of what you know and not what you guess.
I am running a perfect Windows 7. I downloaded the latest Audacity from Sourceforge TWICE. I am using a Berringer usb interface. My guitar is running through my Berringer mixer with mixer output to usb interface input. Output from that is into laptop by usb. Everything runs perfectly except for this issue. Records fine every time. Except for the following issue. No answer for it in the manual or online.
I play a rythem track with my Gibson guitar along with the click track at 117 beats per minute. Ok, the recording track is made. It’s made with the click track recorded into it. Huh? I don’t want tick tick tick in my recordings. What happened? I’ve tried over and over. I deleted Audacity and reloaded it. I went back to Sourceforge and got a fresh copy and reloaded it. Nothing helps. Can you help? Thank you, Ron D.

Well we’ll need to ask for some details first so that we don’t have to guess :wink:

What settings do you have in the device toolbar and which settings are selected?
What is the three digit version number of Audacity shown in “Help > About Audacity”?

Newest version. Device is selected. Never mind everybody. I spent 3 days on this. I’ll try a different DAW Thank you. Ron.

OK, no worries, I’ll waste no more time on this.