click trac problem

I use Audicity 1.2.6. on a pc.
I generate a click track and make a recording along with it.
When I listen to the click and the recording simultaneously, I find that the recorded track is speeded up just a little bit.
So it starts ok, but after a while it’s out of sync with the click.
Note that this is not a matter of moving the recorded track back or forward, I’ve tried that already.
Does anybody recognize this problem?
I will be grateful for your answers.

It’s called Clock Drift.

As far as I know (which might not be very far), this is a problem with your hardware. If you use a different soundcard the problem should go away. The cards that come built into motherboards are shoddy and not meant for professional (or semi-professional) use.

I suppose it’s possible that it’s a software problem, but someone from the Dev-Team would have to answer that one.

Try different sample rates - this often seems to depend on whether you are recording at the sample rate the hardware is clocked at, or at a different rate produced by re-sampling the audio in Windows /the drivers. 48000Hz is often good.