click / tempo

how to best pin point the spot to be repaired where a click appear ?
it would be “ fantastic if this or thoses samples point be color coded !
or automatically selected .

when applying “ tempo change “ l’attaque on somes notes [ piano ] become muddy is there a way to clean themes .

thanks to let me know on thoses

comment le mieux cerner les “ clcik “ afin d’etre reparer ?
cela serais fantastique que ce click soit automatiquement selectionner ou bien the samples code colore

lorsuqe “ tempo change “ est applique l’attaque sur certaines notes [ ex piano ] son deviennent par moment boueuse comment nettoyer ceux ci .

merci de vos reponses a ces questions .

See here: Missing features - Audacity Support .

If the click is above +/-1.0 on the scale to left of the blue waves, you can show the clicks with View > Show Clipping or Analyze > Find Clipping (which labels the clipping).

Change Tempo may actually shorten notes or add little gaps. You can use Sliding Time Scale / Pitch Shift instead. It does not change the length but it takes longer to run the effect.

You should not Change Tempo by more than a few whole tones because it does change the audio quality. Changing the tempo should also change the pitch, so you are trying to do something that isn’t “natural”.


hello very very usefull

i appreciate a lot .



the spectogram is in black and white and not like the infos . see attachement
so ! again i don’t where to look


the spectogram est en noire et blanc . voir attachement
je ne sais donc ou chercher .
Screen Shot 2014-02-02 at 9.23.19 PM.png

Edit > Preferences, choose “Spectrograms” on the left. Uncheck (remove the mark from) the checkbox for grayscale (échelle de gris).


thanks a lot ! Gale