Click Sound between Clips

I’m using Win 7, Audacity Ver 2.1.2, got the .zip, i think.

Problem is:
I recorded some Guitar sound, cut the clip, copy/pasted it and voilá! A click and no matter what I do, i can’t remove it.
No normalize, no cutting elsewhere, nothing. It frustrates me beyond the point of motivation.
Need help asap, most appreciated!

That can happen if you “cut” in the middle of the waveform (not on a zero-crossing), or it could be [u]DC Offset[/u] caused by a defect/weakness in your soundcard/interface.

Try using the Normalize effect with Remove DC Offset checked.

If that doesn’t work, try a short [u]fade-in[/u] (a few milliseconds or more) at the beginning, and a short fade-out at the end of each clip.

Getting the motion of the ocean (sorry) direction of the blue waves to match is only the most obvious of the problems. You can also have clips with “DC Offset.” When you stop playing, the blue waves don’t settle to zero. Clips like that can make editing a nightmare.

Effect > Normalize has an option to Remove DC. Try using it on the work both before and after the edit. See if that helps.

You still need to make the sound blue waves match.




Also see this FAQ for more explanation: