"Click Removal" effect pop-ups cannot be suppressed (makes macros not work well)

We have to record some narrated voiceovers for some online lessons at school, but with equipment not being great, I have to clean up the audio.

So, I made a macro that would first run the click removal effect then normalize the track to make the voice come out a bit louder.

This works fine except that occasionally, I’ll have a file that the “click removal” responds with bringing up a pop-up that says that the effect doesn’t work on that file and then can click okay. This stops the macro entirely; the rest of the steps never happen.

I worked around it by having a second macro that only does the normalizing step, but it would be preferable if it were possible to get that pop-up to be suppressed and allow the rest of the macro to continue.

And if unclear, this is on audacity 2.4.1 on windows 10.

It’s not possible to suppress that warning, but you can probably trick the effect into not showing the warning by adding a second track containing a short audio clip that has an easily detected click. “Select All” then apply the effect. If you’re running the Macro on a batch of files, you will obviously need to delete the second track prior to exporting.