Hi, all. I’m doing my first project on Audacity (i.e., I’m a total neophyte) and I’m having an issue. [I’m running Audacity 2.3.3 on a laptop running Windows 10.] My singers have sent me mp3 files that are clean when I play them individually. However, when I import them into Audacity, I’m getting irregular clicks and pops. Even in a track I personally recorded that never goes over -6.0 DB, they are showing up, so I’m pretty sure it’s not clipping. I have tried normalizing, amplifying, modifying the gain, removing noise, compressing, and using clip fix, and they are still there. I just tried starting a new project and importing only one of the tracks–one I am sure does not clip–and the clicks are there in Audacity even though the original track is pristine. Any ideas on how to deal with this would be greatly appreciated!

Try disconnecting the internet when Audacity is running.
( in some cases WiFi driver can interrupt audio playback ).

Giving Audacity “above normal” CPU-priority is worth a try.

Hi Jay,
I have similar issues sometimes. The fix seems to be to ensure all unwanted windows programs are closed down. There’s nothing worse than an email notification coming in halfway down a recording session. I agree with Trebor - disconnect the internet too.
Good Luck.