Click on timeline plays selection if time unit is seconds

If the time unit is set to “seconds” and snap is set to “Nearest” or “Prior”, clicking on the timeline anywhere except very close to a whole second plays the selection (or from the select cursor) instead of from the mouse cursor location on the timeline. I did get it to play from the mouse cursor location a few times from very nearly an exact half-second.

The zoom is as set by Ctrl-2.

OS: Windows Vista Home Premium SP2;

Audacity version: 2.1.2 or 2.1.3 Alpha Apr 28 2016. 2.1.3 is from the zip; I can’t say whether 2.1.2 is from the zip or the installer.

  • DickN

That’s the correct.
The Play position is indicated by a vertical line over the tracks, which should be yellow rather than the usual white colour, to indicate that it is “snapped” to a time location.

Thanks, Dick. Yes very occasionally it will play from the Timeline click position but generally not. Bug added