click noise on exported mp3 audio

I have some sort of a click noise when I open the music file to play in the beginning. I scrubbed back to the beginning of the audio and heard no click, so I think it only happens when I open the file to play when it was closed before. In the audacity project, there’s no clicking at all. I’ve tried exporting with standard bitrate instead of extreme but that didn’t help either. Minor issue but I don’t want it there at all. Thanks for the help

I scrubbed back to the beginning

That introduction didn’t come out English. You open a sound file and it clicks all over the work? Does it always click in the same places as long as you have the file open? Like can you write down the location of a click and go back to it when you want? Is it still there if you close and reopen the file?

Did you try Export WAV (Microsoft) 16-bit and not MP3 just to see?


A click at the beginning or end that you can’t get rid of is usually [u]DC Offset[/u]. You can’t hear DC (zero-Hz) but you can hear when it kicks-in or kicks-out. Try removing the offset and if a click still remains at the beginning/end add a short fade-in/fade-out (a several milliseconds).

Or, sometimes it’s a hardware or driver problem. You can test that by playing the MP3 on another computer, or on your iPod/phone, etc.