"click" from coaxial cable

When using the digital output from my mixer to CD recorder, I get “clicking” sounds. I’m using the cheapest Radio Shack coaxial cable. Will the “clicking” subside if I use a more expensive coax? I read somewhere that all digital cable is equal, but I’m having doubts.

Thanks for helping.

I very much doubt that the problem is due to the cable.

I don’t think it’s the cable, either. Are the two devices speaking the same bit rate? You could be listening to the CD recorder trying to periodically catch up with the high bitrate of the mixer.

Are you using top quality CD-R disks?


Yes, the bit rates differ: 24 bit vs 16 bit. Oh well, I can still use analog RCA cables with no problems, but slightly lower fidelity.

Thanks for helping.

New “clicking” problem:

I own two CD recorders, both the same brand/model/bit rate. When I hook them up to record (one playing the disc, & the other recording), I get clicking sounds. Even when using RCA cables.

The recorders are stacked on top of each other. Could there be EMF interference? Can EMF cause clicking?

If the show is clicking with the RCA cables, then the player is damaging the show while it’s playing the disk. Is this a home burned Music CD? What happens if you try it with a store-bought Music CD.