Click every 1.002 seconds

When I record using my headset microphone, there’s a click every 1.002 seconds exactly. I’ve been trying to use repair on every click but it’s quite tedious. Click removal works for clicks when it’s silent, but otherwise not. Is there a simpler way to fix this?

Thanks in advance.

When I record using my headset microphone

USB? Which headset?
Also, fill in which Audacity and which Linux.

Does it work OK when you’re gaming or Skype? You have to ask the person at the other end. You won’t hear the problem from your computer.

People go for months with a trashed microphone and everybody at the far end thinks it’s normal and the performer can’t hear it.


Additional information:
Linux Mint 17.2 Rafaela
Audacity version 2.0.5

USB? Which headset?

Almost there…


No promises, but Include a sample that has clicks and your voice.


Havit HV-H2073d plugged into headphone jack
Doesn’t click while using Steam chat.
Sample attached.

Thanks in advance, guys. Much appreciated :slight_smile:

You don’t record the headset using Steam chat, I assume?

The headset has green and pink jack plugs, so you have both plugs connected to the computer, pink to mic port and green to headphones port, right?

You should use Noise Removal on that sample.

Click Removal at Threshold 350, Width 15 will get rid of all but two clicks at the end (that I can see/hear) without damaging the voice.

You could try Repair on the remaining clicks, or for remaining clicks between words, possibly Pop Mute. See here for how to download and install it: Missing features - Audacity Support.


Sorry, Gale, Forgot to specify. Yes, pink in the microphone port and green in the headphone port.

I was wondering, is there perhaps some way to loop the repair function? As far as I can see, the clicks are 2 slightly different widths at the same time interval.

Thanks for the help!

Is this in the sample you posted? Repair will smooth whatever irregularities are in the selection, based on the audio either side of the selection. There is not usually any point in running Repair again on the same selection, in fact I have known doing that to be harmful.

To run Repair so that it repairs a sequence of selections end-to-end, drag the first selection, Repair, then drag the left edge of the selection rightwards past the existing right edge, and repair again.

I think I got rid of the clicks at the end of your sample using Repair. See attached.

Most of the clicks have the same pattern - a run of a few samples where each sample is the opposite polarity of the one before. I assume it is most likely a hardware fault somewhere, but what recording source are you choosing in Device Toolbar? If you are choosing pulse or default, try choosing the (hw:0, <some number) recording device instead. If that is not your headset, open a terminal, type alsamixer, then select your headset.

if you do this, only Audacity must be using the sound device.