Click between labels to quickly highlight the audio

Currently, if you double click on empty space between two labels on the label track, the selection is changed to start at the start of audio and end at the last label in the label track. This is mostly useless behavior. It could be greatly improved by making it so that when you click between two labels, the selection becomes the span from the next label before and the next label after the time clicked.

FWIW, this is the behavior WaveLab has, and not having an equivalent feature makes my “workflow” a bit less convenient on Audacity.

In case someone out there uses this current behavior, it would also work to make either the existing behavior or the proposed behavior a ctrl-click.


Not at all useless. It’s a quick and easy way to select all labels, just like double click on an audio clip to select the audio clip.

If you want to select regions you could create region labels rather than point labels. With region labels you can simply “Tab” from one to the next.

I also see that David Bailes provided you with a way to achieve what you want in your duplicate topic:
(Please avoid starting duplicate topics. It makes it much harder to follow a discussion if it is split across multiple topics.)

Someone in that thread suggested I make a feature request. I wasn’t trying to spam the boards.

I don’t mind if either thread gets deleted, especially if the conclusion is that what’s already there is good enough.

OK, no problem. :wink:

We’ve now got a link to the full discussion, so I’ll leave that there for reference.
Have you tried David’s suggestion of using a Macro? I’ve just tested it and it seems to work well.
(To create a shortcut, see: