Clear up distortion / intense volume Phone Call recording

Hi There ,
I have Audacity on MAC El Capitan… my problem is not with Audacity it self - I think it could do what I need, my problem is I do not know which of the tools in Audacity I should use and how.
The problem is, the one guys’s voice can be heard ok, but the other guy’s voice’s volume is so loud (as if he is shouting) that the decibel meter in Audacity goes of the scale when he talks.
The Audio that I am battling with can be downloaded here in the link below (not the language in the recording is not English but Afrikaans which is a language decendant from of Dutch:

Can some one please help? I’m desperate…
Is there anything at all that can be done?

I know of no way to fix that. Overload/clipping (top and bottom missing from the blue waves) is one of the permanent deadly mistakes.

You may get a little relief with Effect > Low Pass Filter: 1000Hz, 36dB.


Hi There,

Thanks a mil.

I will try that and give feed back