cleaning voice track

i have an audio track with voice and alot of noise mainly traffic. how would i listen to the voice by itself or remove all the unwanted noise

See here:

You can select a few seconds of just traffic noise, then click on Noise Removal under Effects, and click “get profile”. Then select everything, go back to Noise Removal, and click Okay. If that doesn’t work, Undo and try again with different settings. Traffic noise will be tough since it’s probably not very consistent. --Allen

<<<Traffic noise will be tough since it’s probably not very consistent.>>>

I would go with impossible. The noise removal tools depend on the bad sound not changing over the course of the performance. So we can get rid of that low level air conditioning whine for twenty minutes or ventilation fan rumble behind the half-hour show, but that MetroBus that started up and drove away under the open window is pretty fatal. That bus is going to be part of your show.

All that and the noise removal tools in 1.3 are enormously better at this than the ones in 1.2.

This is also the magic place where you find out how hard it is to shoot sound. Why video news crews always put microphones on people they’re shooting.