Cleaning up the track (For lack of any better description)

After I am done with a 24 hour recording, I click the X on the track and it is deleted. I then go to View/History and select to discard all entries shown to still be taking up space.

In my heart, I believe this is a good thing to do, is it?
What is actually happening when I do this?
Am I saving any time for when I open the project again?

If you are then going to close Audacity, there is no need to delete the track or discard the history as Audacity will automatically clear all of its temporary files as it shuts down.

If you intend to continue working in Audacity, then a quicker way to clean up before starting work on a new project is to use:
“File menu > Close (Ctrl + W)”

That will close the project safely and clear up any temporary files that belong to it. If that was the only project open, then a new, empty project window will open.

Nice, Thank you…