Cleaning up recordings

How do I clean up a recording I converted from an old cassette tape? There is a lot of fuzz just because of the tape, not the software. Walk me through like I’m 4 years old, please. Thank you!


You know your cleaner always wants to know the type of stain on your trousers; ketchup, blood, axle grease? If they attack the wrong thing, it can make the stain worse.

If the “fuzz” is from the original show overloading–or overloading the capture, then there is very little hope. You can manage the record levels and get rid of capture overload–if that’s what it is.

If the complaint is really about the classic cassette background hiss, then you might be able to help with Audacity 1.3 Noise Removal tools.

At the risk of flooring you almost immediately, is it possible for you to post a WAV sample of the work somewhere on line that we can get to it? Don’t use MP3 and you can’t post it here.