Cleaning up noise, static

Subject says it all.

This isn’t music it’s discussion/talking, but there is a lot on noise, sounds like scratching, static…

Is there something that can clean up some of that ?


You should get us a little closer. Post a 10 sec WAV clip of the show. Pick a segment with one or two voices and a space where they stop talking for second or so or take a breath.

This is the formal document on posting clips. The forum will stop you if you try to make the clip too long. You can’t post an entire podcast chapter.


Attached is a clip.

I use Win 7
Audacity 2.1.1

That’s a phoner, isn’t it? The guest is on a phone. You unbalanced your phone line. You can’t do that. I have several cheap devices that claim to be able to let me connect my recorder to a phone line and they’re all terrible.

I got some help with Effect > Noise Reduction (attached). I drag-selected 2.4 to 2.8 seconds and used that as the profile. I used 12, 6, 6 as the reduction settings.

I found a specialized ear-microphone that lets me do a good job with a telephone. The illustration is an Olympus TP-7. The TP-8 doesn’t need that little black adapter just before the white Mic-In adapter. Chances are good you can plug a TP-8 straight into the Mic-In of a Windows machine.

You put that in your ear and the telephone handset goes on top.