Cleaning up extracted voices

Hello guys,

I’m currently extracting voice segment from a cartoon for a personal project of mine. The thing is it’s not always easy to isolate the vocals when some scene have background music and ambient noises.

I can use the noise reduction tool for basic ambient noises and instrument that stay on a single note for a long time… But the noise damping tool ain’t good enough for all situations…

For example, there is a segment featuring a short yell and three short dry drum kick at the same time. I just can’t find my way to isolate such kind of thing and make them less apparent.
When I split the track for vocal removal, I can clearly hear all the drum kicks. Is that instrumental segment useful in any way to help me clear the drum noises?

What other effects or manual edition should I work into to solve this kind of problem?

You are trying to unbake a cake and get back to a heap of flour, a heap of sugar and an egg. It can’t be done! You cannot unmix a mixed sound file.

That I know, and it’s soooo frustrating :smiley:

I’ve seen people work on the same files I’m woking on and they sometime did a WAYYYYY better job than me for isolation and cleaning vocals and
I just don’t get how they achieved it that well n_n.

I’m a bit in a hurry right now, but I’ll come back later today and post examples so you guys can “hear” what I mean.

“Melodyne” (by Celemony) has some of the best tools for isolating vocals, but it is still time consuming and it comes with a hefty price tag.

For free tools and techniques, see this article:

Ty for the links

Using the equalization (on which alone could be written a thesis :smiley:) and the compressor help a bit.