Cleaning up bad spoken audio of one participant urgent!

Greetings guys!

First of all thanks for having me and thank you in advance for any help I may receive.

I am using Audacity version 2.0.0 (unicode) on a Windows 8 OS 64 bit.

My issue is this: I have recorded the first episode of a podcast via skype direct to a Blue Snowball Ice mic into Audacity with the sources being the PC speakers and my voice live in front of mic.

One person is in the UK and I am in the US and we have announced the podcast for a Friday release date.

I tested this method a few days prior and both people involved with intelligible and the file seemed good enough to clean up, edit and use.

Today was the recording and like a fool I did not think to run another check and we went through the whole two hour show…thing is, due to either her being too close to her mic, the speakers being in a bad spot for my mic or a combo of both (along with her Kiwi accent! :wink: ), while I can be understood her vocals are unintelligible!

I have already run a noise reduction and it did nothing and am a total newb to this software and editing software in general and was wondering if anyone knew of any other tricks or procedure I could do to make her vocals heard clearly.

Being a realist I know there may be nothing for it but to re-record but I have hope…thanks again guys and hopefully the mods can get to me quickly so I can get a response and take the next step forward.

Also as long as I have your ears I plan on using Audacity a lot not only for the podcast but also my own music recording in the near future so if you guys can lead me to any free open source guides ‘for dummies’ I would be appreciative. :ugeek:

Skype recording without special software can be a problem. Were you recording on the same computer that was running Skype? Capture can actually work fairly well with two computers.

Skype and other similar programs like to take over the computer sound services while they’re running, so you may have been doing everything right and Skype disagreed with you.

You have very little to say about it because if you force Skype into special settings, it will crash the conference.

Many people have found good performance with the Pamela series of products. The upper two licenses have no restrictions or few you’re likely to run into. The lower two are damaged.

We assume you have a mixed show, right? You don’t have the people split left and right?

Make a mono MP3 in 128 quality and post five or six seconds of performance featuring both you and the far side.

Do that while you’re preparing for a reshoot.


Yes same PC was running Skype and recording through Audacity…

Yes it is all on one track with both speakers on it…

I will make a sample shortly, I will also look into those links you suggested.

And as always, thank you!

A warning, Pamela is money-based software, but has a very high success rate.

For a free Skype recorder you could try: Skype Call Recorder