Clean Tape Cassette


I am new in the forum. I have a MacBook Pro 16 with Catalina. I am using a new usb tape Walkman called ez.I also have some tapes with disco music recorded by my colleague in 1994. Side A is ok, the sound is good and just reducing noise sounds quite good. Problem is side B. I listen noise, that I can delete with noise reduction tool, but I also listen some strange noise like a clip clip clip clip that I don’t know how to clean.

Can someone help to me?

I will appreciate because I want to give away a MP3 file clean to my colleague. He will be very happy with it.

Thks n brgds

If the tape is a copy of an audio CD, then that noise is probably due to a scratch on the CD. If that is the cause, then it is probably irreparable.

If the 1994 cassette actually makes a clicking noise when you play it,
then a possible solution is to transfer the tape to a new(er) cassette shell.