Clean signal, Distorted playback of recorded files

Hi people,

Really hope you can help me. Having some playback issues on Audacity 2.3.1
When recording and using moniters and headphones as live play back i have a clear and clean signal from
both dynaimc and condesner mic, but when i play back the recorded file through both sources its horribly distorted (and altered), the levels are all fine, with no clipping at all and cant work out what might be the problem.

many thanks in advance


Are your headphones/monitors plugged into the computer or the interface? (Some interfaces have direct-hardware monitoring so you’re not hearing what’s coming through the computer.)

What interface (or other hardware) are you using and how is it connected to the computer? USB?

moniters and headphones as live play back

You didn’t use the magic word “Overdubbing.” Are you? Playing a backing track (music, rhythm) in your headphones while you sing to it?

The setup instructions for have you making a plain, ordinary voice recording before you start the settings for overdubbing. Did you do that?

Try it now. Audacity > Preferences > Recording. De-select [_] Overdub and make a voice recording.

There’s another possibility. Do you like to Record internet or YouTube sound? Those settings can interfere with overdubbing.

When you do listen to internet sound, Windows Media or pre-recorded music, does that sound OK?