classical music: adding composers

I need to add a “composer” field to the default metadata screen. I’d like to see “composer” for every new project.
How do I do this without having to type it in on every screen?

using windows 7, pro 64 bit; audacity 2.0.2 via installer.

I can’t help you directly, but I can tell you that tags (metadata) are tricky because there are many different tagging formats, and different audio formats use different tagging formats/standards. I wouldn’t expect an audio editor like Audacity to be the best tool for that. You didn’t say what file format you are using.

There are speciality tagging tools. I use [u]Mp3Tag[/u]. (It’s FREE and it handles most formats, not just ID3/MP3.) Most audio/media players also have tools for tagging & organinzing music too. Sometimes I use the Winamp tag editor, and sometimes I use Media Monkey.

There is a standard [u]ID3 tag[/u] for composer, but I believe it’s non-standard for some other formats such as OGG Vorbis, and as far as I know there are not any real standards for WAV/AIFF metadata. From what I understand, none of the tagging formats are well suited for classical music, so everybody has to figure-out how to make-do for themselves.

You could use the “Comments” tag.
See if that shows up in your usual media player.
As there are many differences in tag support between players, it is sometimes best to use the tag edit feature in your usual music player.

As DVDdoug suggested, Mp3Tag is pretty good, but don’t expect all of the tags supported by Mp3Tag to show up correctly in all media players - check to see which tags your player supports before spending a lot of time entering information that you may not see in your player.