Clarification Question in Manual

Looking at the instructions for editing from the manual, I see this:


What does “to contract” mean?

I opened a project and tried it. I put my cursor in the waveform. If the project was “at rest” (not playing), nothing happened when I pressed Cntl+Shft and a left or right key. My cursor stayed where it was. My play button does change it’s appearance while the the CNTL or SHFT are pressed. They have different appearances.

I pressed CNTL + SHFT and used the mouse to highlight an area. On “play” it played just the selection.

I can get the same effect by making a start point, dragging to an end point, and hitting play.

What am I missing?

“Make smaller”
It assumes that you already have a “selection” (highlighted region).

Click and drag across the waveform to create a “selection”, and then try Shift+Ctrl+Left/Right.

Very useful! Thanks!