Clapping sound problem


I’m new on this forum and I really need help :slight_smile:

I have Windows 7 and I installed Audacity from the .exe installer.

The problem is that althougt I tried, I still can’t remove clapping sound from audio. Is there a good soul willing to help? Sorry if I am asking too much but I really need this audio track and there is no studio recording. I have a performance at the theater and I need a clear sound, don’t know how to achieve that :frowning:
I never used any audio editor program and Audacity is too professional for me.

Thank you very much,
Ines :slight_smile:

My mail is:
This is link of a song: (I’m send you link through wetransfer because the attachment’s file size is too large)

I changed your email address because it’s very dangerous to post it on the forum. It’s an open invitation to spam and unwanted emails.

The short answer is you don’t. You can’t take a performance apart into individual instruments and the clapping is now a performer.

You join a very long list of people trying to make good recordings from the audience. It’s not easy.

You can edit the clapping out assuming it happened before and after the show. That can be done. Is that the question?


Thank you Mr. Kozikowski, clapping is during the performance so I guess it’s impossible to remove the clapping sound. I really appreciate your help.

Ines :slight_smile:

As Koz says “You can edit the clapping out assuming it happened before and after the show” or indeed clapping at the beginning or end of each song (which is what I do when transcribing LPs of live performances with extended clapping).

Just remove extraneous clapping (the bits without any musical content) by selecting it and deleting it and clean it up using a Fade In or Fade Out as appropriate.

In the upcoming 2.0.3 there will be an excellent new effect called Studio Fade Out which will provide more musical sounding fades than the existing linear Fade Out