citronic ac-1usb help for idiot

When it comes to technical things ill admit im a total idiot! So if anyone here can help i would be very grateful. Basically i want to record a dj set from my mixer. Ive tried it before with Audacity but the sound quality has always been really bad. Eventually bought a citronic ac-1usb which comes with a copy of Audacity on disc. But the instructions for this hardware are rubbish! It doesnt tell me what leads i need to use, or where to plug them in. Ive looked on youtube etc and cant find the answer. What it does say in the instructions is to go into my computer and select the usb device for play back and also recording on Audacity. But when i go into it theres no option on the dropdown for it in playback but i can select it in record for some reason.

So what cables do i need for this to record? How do i get it set up right on the computer to record?

help :angry:

Have a look at this tutorial from the Wiki:


If you are recording from a mixer, connect the line output of the mixer to the “Input” of the citronic and set the switch on the citronic to “Line”. If you are recording from one turntable, connect the RCA cable from the turntable to the “Input” of the citronic and set the switch on the citronic to “Phono”.

If you want to play back from your computer speakers, or speakers connected to the headphone output of your computer, you do not need to make any connections to the “Output” of the citronic and you do not want to set Audacity or your computer to play back using the citronic.

What version of Audacity came with the device? You should probably be using the latest 1.3.13-beta version available at

What computer and operating system are you using (Windows XP/Vista/7, Mac 10.4/10.5/10.6)?

– Bill