Citation of Audacity for University Art Project


For one of my university art projects, I used Audacity to view the waveform of audio I had previously recorded. However, as the project requires documentation, I took a screenshot of the waveform analysis from the application, as I need to document where I got the waveform from and added it into the word document that documents the process of making the art project. I didn’t actually publish the work, and merely used Audacity to view the waveform of a sound I recorded as a visual reference for an installation I am making for the project.

I just wanted to ask, how should I properly cite Audacity in my work? I know that has guidelines for citation, but I’m not sure if I need to cite the screenshot I took as well as include an in-text citation of Audacity?


I assume that the screenshot will be captioned, in which case you could include a reference to the footnotes and/or list of references (whichever citation style is recommended by your University).