Chris's Dynamic compressor

I download the compressor however it seems to compress or over compress on the last second or so of audio only. Am I missing something here?

That’s a bug* it has. A workaround is to paste a few seconds of typical sound at the start & end, then apply Chris’s Compressor, then delete the added-on bits.

[* Chris is not around to fix it † ].

Chris’s Compressor doesn’t like running off the end of a job. It’s a look-ahead compressor and if it can’t find anything to look ahead to, it sometimes it freaks out.

There’s no easy fix in software, but you can duplicate the last few seconds of the performance and jam it on the end to give the software something to chew on. After Chris is done, cut it off.

I never ran into this because my performances were always too long so I was always cutting the ends off.

The end piece should be the only damaged section. The rest of the job should be perfect.

The rest of the job should have gotten a little louder.

Did it?

The software isn’t likely to be fixed. Chris reached End-Of-Life a while ago.