chris compressor failed

tried to compress classical music cd
system hung up

perhaps i need more memory

question 1
can the album be sliced into small pieces and done one at a time
using the same parameters each time
to get the same result
or will that affect the results

question 2
if there is any overlap in the smaller pieces compressed separately
will that affect the overlap
even if no make up gain was applied

question 3
if chris compressor wont work on this old machine and low ram
are there any alternatives other than copying the file
and finding a bigger pc ?

Running out of RAM is the most likely cause.

Yes you can, but you need to be a bit careful about where the “joins” go.
If you can split the track during silent periods (between songs) then it will probably work fine.
Splitting a track while music is playing may cause a mismatch where the sections meet.