Chosing the type of a "Compressed Copy of Project"

In the “File” menu, when saving a file under “Save a Compressed Copy of Project”, a window “Save Project as…” opens, allowing to chose the name of the file and the folder where the file is to be stored.
The window also allows chosing the type of the new file, but instead of offering the option “ogg vobis”, it only offers the option “Audacity projects (*.aup)” - like in the uncompressed file saving case.

None of the save project menu items let you save as other than .aup, obviously. A compressed project saves an Ogg vorbis file for each track of the project.

If you want to save an Ogg vorbis file as is without extra project information such as labels, use File > Export and choose “Ogg Vorbis Files” in the “Save as type” box.