chorus/flange playback when not wanted

It sounds as though my recordings have a flange chorus sound how do I get rid of that

What are you recording, how are you doing it and on what? Koz

Drums through an electric kit guitar through an rp200. Vocals and bass also through the rp200 on audacity for xp

Moved to the correct Windows board.

Could you upload a few seconds of affected recording as a WAV file? See here for how to attach files .


Sorry been busy with the 9-5 it when I record first stereo track its fine when I try and overdub it get ten times louder that is the main issue

Do you mean a “Digitech RP200”? That’s an effect unit :confused:

Overdubbing gives you sudden volume insanity when you record Everything on the computer instead of just the device you’re singing into. The backing tracks get recorded twice – or more.
Use the Device Pulldown (toolbar) and make sure you are recording from something real you can touch, not a magic device like Stereo-Mix or WAV-Out.


Yes it is a digitech rp200 however I have all effects off runing vocals through clean channels
The later post thanks the advice I will check it out