Choppy sound with Change Tempo

I’m trying to slow down music to get super creepy long track, I’m sure you’ve found things like “song title 1200% slower” on youtube and the like. I can do it somewhat, but after a little while, no where near as slowed as I want it, it gets super choppy and painful to listen to. It’s basically sound every 10th of a second with breaks in between. This doesnt happen when I “change speed” but then the pitch changes and I don’t want that; only when I “change tempo”. Is there a way to get around this? Or is it just a computer not being able to handle the sound issue?

The Effects > Change XXX tools are pretty simple and it’s easy to “run out.” None of them take into account content and that’s usually what people want.

For example, Change Pitch isn’t what people really want when they try to make an “Announcer Voice.” The tool has to know how a voice works and only change the “right parts.” The tool doesn’t actually “know” anything, so you get a muddy mess. I’m not shocked that Change Tempo doesn’t figure out the musical content past a certain change value. It just gives up and gives you what it has.


If you want extreme slow downs you could try Effect > Paulstretch… or Effect > Sliding Time Scale / Pitch Shift… .