Choppy recording

(I’m very sorry if this has already been addressed, but I’ve been searching on these boards and on Google for the past several hours and couldn’t find an answer, any help is appreciated)

The program didn’t used to do this, but now every recording sounds like this: I remember fixing this once over a year ago, but now I can’t remember how I did it. Help?

It’s rough to critically analyze a performance through the haze of MP3 distortion. Post another test a little longer and WAV (Microsoft) format.

There is a list of usual suspects, Captain Renault.

What else is running on your machine? If we assume that’s your voice, how is it getting into the Mac? When was the last time you shut down, went to make coffee and started it up again? I’m not after “restart” here.

Where is the work being stored? Are you using iCloud (or similar) for any of it?

The motorboating doesn’t ring a bell. I note it’s always there even if you can barely hear it during the silent stretches.

Is there a game or Skype running in the background? Foreground?

What is your goal? Why are you there in front of the microphone?

If it’s a USB microphone, do you always have it plugged into the same USB port?

Depending on the type of sound system, do you get the motorboating if you listen to the microphone or mixer before it gets to the Mac?


Try the steps in this FAQ in the manual.
– Bill

Yes, worked out perfectly. Thanks!