Choppy Recording in latest version

I’m recording with a Scarlett 2i2 Solo Studio. Since updating the recordings have been really choppy. I’ve tried changing the buffer setting etc, but with no luck. I’ve also tried my mic and preamp on other software and it works fine. Any ideas or similar experiences?

I would find out which interface you have. There’s a Scarlett Solo Studio and a Scarlett 2i2 Studio. Different boxes.


Since updating


From what to what? Remember we can’t see your setup. Use the official three-digit version numbers.


Hi Koz - it’s the Scarlett Solo Studio 2nd Gen. I’m on MacOS HIgh Sierra (latest). Since updating Audacity and MacOS the problem has occurred. Has been working fine for the previous year.

Post WAV (Microsoft) clips of a recording featuring the gaps. You can post 10 seconds stereo or 20 seconds mono.

Don’t send a post production clip. Post as close to the original recording as possible.

I don’t have a good answer. We’re going to analyze the gaps which is why you can’t post MP3. As far as you can tell, Real Time keeps going and there is a half-second hole that would have been a half-second of show, or the spoken dialog has a word missing?


Hi - thanks Koz. Here a a WAV file recording.

Have just posted a WAV file example and the problem has disappeared again. I have no doubt it will return at some point. I love Audacity but I think I need something that’s a bit more reliable now.

I wanted to try this out as an alternative Voice Over recording software and after I recorded my 4 minute voice over for a video on YouTube the voice is really choppy. Every 2 or three words tend to get chopped and it sounds like the recording was hiccuping. I use Logitech G430 Headset and it does it all the time. When I am in discord using same headset there are no chops or skipping. Is there a way to fix the chopping? Do I need a separate mic?

If you are recording a voice over while playing a game, it’s generally best to use software that is specifically designed for the task. Such software is designed to work with the game audio, whereas Audacity struggles to get access to audio resources because they are being used by another application (the game). It’s a similar case with voip applications (such as Skype).