Choppy and fast playback

My audacity was working fine until today when I tried to record and every time I record the playback is fast and choppy. I have tried to edit prefences in many different ways. I have looked aft formus and othing seems to work. I am so frustrated. I have been dealing with this for about 5 hours. Please help!! Could it be anything to do with the fact that my internet on the computer is not working at the moment??

Fast and trashy playback means the computer was recording slowly. Something in your computer is soaking up resources or “going nuts” and not allowing it to do tasks normally and on time.

Close everything you can close and restart the computer. Then make sure your virus protection is up to date and do a thorough scan. I mean the one you have to stop using your computer for a while, not the wimpy one that runs in the background.


Thanks for your feedback. I think it was because of my internet being down. I fixed the internet and then audacity was working again! Now, a couple days later, it had returned to the fast and choppy! Nothing is running in the background and everything is up to date. What do I do?

What exactly did you do to “fix the Internet”?

If you expect help you should please give us some information to go on. Look at the pink panel at the top of this page.

Is it computer playback that you are trying to record? YouTube? You could try “Check if Windows can process real-time audio efficiently” here: .

Also look at all the other things to check further up that page.

Are you recording at 44100 Hz Project Rate bottom left of Audacity? If not, try that.