Chop audio recordings

Hi All!

I have a problem. I recorded synth sounds, and I chopped them, but at the connected parts, there are noise. How can I remove it? Thank you If you can help.

Two possibilities -

If you have a DC offset you’ll get a click or pop at the beginning or end, or where you cut. DC is zero-Hz so you can’t hear the DC but you hear a noise when it suddenly kicks-in or kicks-out.

You can also get a click if you cut in the middle of a wave. (Select at Zero-crossings) Note that it usually works but it can be “imperfect” because the left & right channels may not have matching zero-crossings, and there usually isn’t a sample at exactly zero.

A fade-in and fade-out (and/or a crossfade-overlap) will usually smooth-out cuts & splices, no matter the cause. And it can be a short, unnoticeable, few- milliseconds if you don’t want to hear the fade.

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