choir, high clipping

I recorded a choir session with a camera angled from the right side and a tascam recorder in the middle in omni-directional mode. There was no time to check and adjust, so I had to guess gain options when recording. With camera I got ± ok levels as it was set to aggressively limit, but the problem is I can hear only bass and alto vocals because of camera placement. I was expecting this, that is why I used the tascam in the middle. Unfortunately it got very high clipping, especially on high vocals as the mic gain was set too high.
Tried various standard 1-step solutions like normalize, amplify, low pass filter, limiter, clip fix… etc., but nothing really seems to work out. I understand that there is no 100% solution if distortion is too high, but maybe I just do something wrong or maybe there are some more complicated multi step procedures to try to make this as good as possible and then mix with the camera audio track so it could be listened to without holding ears.
I would really appreciate if someone more experienced could look at the sample recording and suggest if there is really anything I can do?

Did you record as MP3 or as WAV?

There’s not much can be done with that MP3 other than filtering out some of the crunchiness (but that will then sound quite muffled).
It’s possible that the ClipRepair effect may make some improvement to a WAV recording (though more likely that there will not be much improvement).

…it is mp3, 320kbps :unamused:

ACON’s DeClip plug-in provides some improvement, (but not perfect) …

IIRC You can try before you buy.