Windows 8.1 (future) and Audacity 2.05
I plan to purchase a new desktop computer and I would like to buy one
that will allow me among other things to stream music through Audacity
from radio stations. I am from the Toronto, Ontario area where there is a wide
choice of manufacturers to choose from. One manufacturer that makes an
excellent computer is ASUS that is readily available here.
Any information on which manufacturers or models that present a problem in
using Audacity would be appreciated as well as which manufacturers or models
that work well with Audacity would also be appreciated.
Thank you, blairhansler

Audacity can’t recommend anything, so it’s all up to personal experiences. Audacity will run just fine on a wide range of computers, operating systems and sound cards (and languages). Generally, the plainer the better (the machine, not the language). People get into trouble with very high end sound cards and specialized driver software that Audacity can’t recognize.

I have two ASUS motherboards in current use, but it doesn’t count because they may be older than you are. That and I’m one of the Mac elves. I can tell you this is much easier with a machine format featuring a limited number of options.

Which sound card were you considering? That’s the “Rubber Meets The Road” question.


What do you mean by “stream music through Audacity from radio stations”? Do you mean you want to record that streaming music in Audacity? Many built-in sound cards these days don’t have a stereo mix input to do that. There is almost no way to find that out, short of going to online shopping sites and asking a question or looking at the comments.

However if you choose Windows WASAPI host in Audacity you can record streaming audio whether the sound card supports it or not. See .


Thank you Gale for your response
I am looking at a HP desktop computer in their Envy 700 series which in Canada is top of
their line. I discussed this issue with a HP Canada technical representative and he did not
know the answer. He suggested that the only way of knowing was to purchase the computer and if I was not satisfied, return it.

You have to do your own digging on the internet, for example this turned up in a search result: .

So although the Envy 700 have stereo mix they have “Beats Audio” onboard sound, which has a reputation on this Forum for appalling quality. If you buy that computer, you’ll probably need to add a USB audio card for decent sound.


Hello Gale, Thankyou again for your quick response and for taking the time to find that one
search result. A USB audio card can be purchased here for $19.95 (Cdn). I got the impression
that this USB audio card will basically replace the computers sound card and will provide
stereo mix input for recording FM music from the computer on Audacity. It was not clear if
“Beats Audio” has to be disabled or if the USB audio card takes care of the “Beats” problem?
The computer salesperson also demonstrated that “Beats Audio” can be disabled on this
particular HP model. He suggested that the computer may then provide a decent stereo mix
to record FM music from the computer to Audacity. If it did not, he felt that the necessary
“drivers” could be downloaded from HP. These were his thoughts as an alternative to the
USB audio card.
The good news is that there is a solution(s) to the problem.


It should not be necessary to disable Beats Audio to use a USB sound card, but Windows provides ways to disable the built-in audio irrespective of the computer model.

Even if the USB sound card does not provide stereo mix, you should be able to choose the “Windows WASAPI” host in Device Toolbar in Audacity to record computer playback from the USB sound card.

The experience on this Forum is that even using the latest audio drivers from the computer manufacturer does not solve the poor quality of “Beats Audio”. Of course there is always a chance that this may be fixed in the future.


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