Chimes overtones delay

I have tried a chimes delay. I love randomness and also, every notes in my examples are tuned to pentatonic scale. But, I have also one idea.
What do You say to create chimes overtone delay, which is based on speed multiplies of your recording. Or, something is just exists here?
Thank You.

You can make pitch shifting delays with Nyquist. For example, this code in the Nyquist Prompt effect:

(simrep (i 30)
  (let* ((offset (* i 0.1))
         (ratio (+ 1.0 (/ i 20.0)))
         (decay (/ ratio)))
    (at-abs offset
      (cue  (force-srate *sound-srate* 
              (stretch-abs ratio
                (sound (mult decay *track*))))))))

when applied to a mono sound, produces this type of effect:

The “Delay” effect also has some pitch shifting ability: