I downloaded audacity and put the dmg file into to see the checksum. The one that gave me was all lower case, but the one on the audacity website is all upper case. I was not sure if this counts as matching, it’s unclear whether checksums are case sensitive. I contacted someone at malwarebytes (which I have on my mac) to see what they think. This is what malwarebytes said:
“I see you have a question about checksum, the file must be exactly as was as downloaded, if it had lower cases it must be checked with lower cases, if not the file will not match their database.”

While waiting to hear back from malwarebytes I did some research and found this website that seems legit. They say checksums are NOT case sensitive. I’m confused now.

I didn’t know that but checksums are almost impossible to fake and it would would be equally impossible to fake it with the everything matching except for case. :wink:

…I THINK they are hexadecimal (base 16) which goes from 0-F instead of 0-9. With hex, case doesn’t have any meaning but upper case is “traditional” in programming.

Checksums are not case sensitive.
1234567890abcdef == 1234567890ABCDEF

Yes, that’s correct.
(There’s no reason why a checksum “must” be written as a hexadecimal number, but by convention they almost always are.)