Checksum for macOS is Wrong on Web Site

Greetings, Audacity!

You encourage me with your excellent software and helpful website–I’ve used Audacity for 15 years–thank you!

The SHA256 checksum for the macOS “Audacity 3.1.0.dmg” download, which downloads as “audacity-macos-3.1.0-Intel.dmg”, is wrong on the main macOS download page:
shows the checksum as: ad654f4ccc78808edb738bfd2e2bcb24eee8d4fdb264e4b8ba2de8a3f0c6869b

It is correct on the alternative list for the file “audacity-macos-3.1.0-Intel.dmg”:
which shows it as: 0a74e6c52c5b8e22b327ed3741e72ea7e3ae87d55c4cdfa370050c4013556d66

Thank you!

Well spotted, that one is wrong.
That’s the (correct) checksum for audacity-manual-3.1.0.tar.gz

Yes, that’s correct.
I’ve notified the development team.

Thanks for reporting the issue.