Check of the sound selection


I have to create many sound selections on a long audio file.
I can easily check if I correctly positioned the begining, by clicking on Play; but how to check the ending ? Do I have to click Play and then wait to reach the end of the selection? How could I reach it faster?


To go to the end of the project, press the “End” key on your keyboard.

I tried but it doesn’t work.
Maybe I wasn’t clear enough in my question: I want to find a way to go to the last seconds of my selection, to check if I ended it at the right time. Is there a way to get the same presentation of the track as the one we have when played with VLC or Windows Media Player for ex? There it’s easy to go to the part of the music we want.

Thanks a lot, Adrien

I’m still not quite sure of what you are trying to do.

To go to a specific point in the track you can just click on the waveform at that position, or you can enter the “Selection Start” in the Selection Toolbar.

To play from a specific point without changing the current “selection” (highlighted region) you can click on the “Timeline” at the point that you want to play.

Is it this you’re looking for?


That’s OK now: I didn’t know I had to stop the music to be able to move the cursor.
Thanks and merry Xmas :slight_smile: